“Courageously renegade (and hilarious) ....The novel echoes with Flannery O’Connor, and Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory... The difference, however, is that Livingston’s take on faith is more compassionate than O’Connor’s and more lighthearted than Greene’s.... The Crooked Heart of Mercy is a gem.”

— Washington Independent Review

“In The Crooked Heart of Mercy, her stellar fourth novel... Livingston immediately sets up a pressing question: can these lost souls overcome their tragedy and, if so, how? Tender, quirky, and sporadically quite comic, her answer is fruitful as well as a delight to follow.” — Vancouver Sun

“Livingston avoids cliché and caricature, and is able to investigate the necessity of belief in all its forms without descending into the didactic. She has a real knack for voice, bouncing back and forth... gracefully and believably. Further her light-handed investigation of religion and its place in our lives – especially in crisis – is wholly refreshing and open-hearted.”   — The Globe and Mail

“Billie writes with empathy and humour. Her characters are witty and compelling. If you are needing some grace in your life, read The Crooked Heart of Mercy.

—  CBC’s Shelagh Rogers, 2016 Book Recommendation